sábado, 27 de outubro de 2018

Pussy paintings
Betty Tompkins

'Sophia of Wisdom' The Woman Rising Series, 1973

'Artemis Series: The Familiar Bear, The Woman Rising Series, 1973

'No Body Messes With Her: Fire Bird', The Woman Rising Series, 1973

Mary Wollstonecraft

''Mary Wollstonecraft is remembered for her passionate commitment to the cause of the rights of women, her political radicalism, and her intellectual daring. She rejected artificial distinctions of rank, which she believed hampered human flourishing, and also favoured republicanism over hereditary monarchy as the ideal form of government.''

terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2018

The Briar Rose Series Major Works of Art by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

The Mirror of Venus

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt. Fair Rosamund and Queen Eleanor

(Pamina) The Evening Star, Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Julia Prinsep Stephen